//  good design is good business

Question: Whats one thing that Nike, Tesla, Apple, Starbucks, and W Hotels all have in common?

Answer: These design-centric companies all value the role that DESIGN plays in the ROI of their businesses. Whether it
s fashion design, industrial design, visual design, food design, interior design — or a combination thereof — they all understand what good design can do for their businesses and how it gives them a competitive advantage to out perform their peers.

So the fact that you
re here reading this means that you must have some level of awareness that Branding and Design go hand-in-hand to make a lasting impression on the customer. And you
re probably here looking around online for a top-notch Designer or a boutique design agency to help you create something towards building a better brand. So carry on, and see how RESONATE can assist you thru good, intelligent design.

//  about the company + founder

Based out of the San Jose + Santa Cruz, California and founded by Nate Tanemori, RESONATE is a strategic DESIGN consultancy that focuses on helping businesses of all sizes and vertical markets elevate their brand identity and expand it cross-media to web, mobile, digital- and print-based visual communications.

As Principal Designer + Art Director — and a wearer of many hats — Nate specializes and primarily focuses on the planning, creative and technical strategy, and the VISUAL DESIGN of things. Should the need arises, he has a small stable of more advanced developers and technical producers to get the job done.

Nate brings over 20 years of experience as a formally-educated Graphic Designer and Illustrator from San Jose State (Bachelor
s degree) and UC Santa Cruz (advanced studies). As any good Designer should be, Nate is versatile and adaptable to whatever the project or discipline may be. He is a proven player in the industry having also worked corporate in-house for companies such as Adobe, Macys and Starz apart from his own venture. Nate understands how business works with the creative process and will collaborate with you 1:1 to make your ideas happen.
//  the design process

The information diagram above illustrates the inherent design process to creating successful visual solutions and user experiences — whatever the objective and medium calls for. How successful you are at the end can often be determined by how you got there.
So when it comes to working with a client / company, being unrealistic, scattered or being different for the sake of being different, is ineffective and meaningless. Unless of course you have a skys-the-limit budget, and according to schedule, everyday is like Sunday. But how many companies are like that, really?

//  value statement

Like most businesses in the real world, Nates clients do have finite limitations — including a steadfast budget and timeline — to get their projects accomplished. So not only do you have to be imaginative, prudent and intellectually tenacious, but you also have to be analytical, rational and technically savvy. Simply put, you have to be creative and smart about it at the same time to best solve the problem.
This is who Nate is, and what he does best. He sees the big picture and delivers on it, while combining the artistic creativity and innovation with the business pragmatism and practicality that the corporate world demands. Match all of this with solid design skills, time management command and technical know-how, and this is what differentiates Nate from the pack.
So if you feel that Nate offers a benefit that resonates with you or your company, please feel free to drop him a line.

good design is good business!
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