The Opportunity
Panago was wanting to break into the world of B2C mobile apps. Panago’s small offset development team needed a visual designer to make it look good and adhere to current brands standards. For that, they turned to me to help build out the look and feel and some of the key product screen templates.
The Services
Content strategy
Design: iOS product app

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch​​​​​​​
The Partnership
Working within an established brand and design direction made it easier as it allowed the dev team to focus on content and functionality. I just had to focus on the design. The 1.0 launch was released on a tight budget and turn around time for me. But that is always part of the fun and the challenge. My satisfaction comes from learning new things and creating a product that clients loved
The Result
It was great to be part of the initial launch. The completed framework then laid the foundation allowing the product continue to evolve today.

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