The Opportunity
LinkedIns User Experience Design (UED) team has a very larger charter incorporating everything from its multiple flagship B2B and B2C products, to internal apps, and even presentations—which they consider a product. The team was short-handed and needing extra help to get through a variety of product launches and a series of high-level executive keynotes. For that, LinkedIn turned to me to help with the creation of the presentations, and to provide other areas of UED support as it arose.
The Services
Creative and content strategy

Brand development
Art direction
Design: Presentation
Design (not shown): Illustration, icon, information graphics, internal app UI
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint
Since most of the LinkedIn keynotes were one-time engagements, I used a lot more animation and motion effects to take it to the next level. Click on the YouTube video above to see how Christina Hall's (SVP, Global Talent) presentation flowed.
Here's another presentation for LinkedIn (exported as a video to show you how it flowed.) This was for their Engineering Leadership Summit (ELS) in Bangalore, India. This presentation was much longer in duration, but similar in scope and outcome as the one above for their Global Leadership Summit (GLS). This showcases a much heavier use of animation and motion effects that captivated the large audience in attendance.
The Partnership
Working with LinkedIn executives and other C-level members required a high level of confidence and expertise in handling their schedules, strong personalities, and constant changes in feedback. My senior-level experience—and get-it-done attitude—allowed me to work with each unit and member, and execute on fast review cycles. My feeling of self-assurance having been through the trenches numerous times throughout my career gave them (and even myself) confidence that it would not only get done, but get done correctly and beautifully within the constraints and parameters of the job.
So many times, I get hired to do one thing. In this case it was to create visually engaging keynotes for the executive team through a series of product launches, summits and other events that happened to all coincide together over a short few months. Usually what happens though, is that the client sees that I’m skilled in so many other areas, that I get brought into additional projects outside of the original scope. Other projects I contributed on was expanding their illustration and icon libraries, as well as, further establishing their brand guidelines across their corporate presentations, events and internal apps.
The Result
I was always one of the first to show up every day in the office and get going right away—and then work late, as needed. My strong work ethic allowed me to turn out these fast paced projects and keep the executives happy. I received numerous compliments for the quality of work, and it reflected positively back on LinkedIn’s UED team.

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