The Opportunity
Partnering with another creative-type of agency is pretty rare for me as agencies typically have their own in-house talent and resources to pull from. But in this case, this was an events and brand experience agency. Web design and development wasn’t their thing. For that, Cogs & Marvel turned to me to help them redesign and build their website, including an easy-to-use content management system to maintain updates.
The Services
Design strategy
Web design and development
Design: Website+CMS, blog
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InVision, WordPress, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
The Partnership
The approach was to develop a design system that was very simple, but elegant. But how do you make it not seem boring though? One way to level-things-up, as I say, is to introduce some animation into the website. As you scroll, the site elements animate in and out so that there is an added level of dynamics that enhance the user experience. However, it’s minimal so that it doesn’t go overboard and become a distraction.
The older site was purely static, antiquated and was very difficult to manage without knowing some HTML and what not. The new site was built on the WordPress platform. And the way the site has been designed and built, it is scalable and modular. Along with an intuitive CMS, it is responsive in design, as well.
The Result
The feedback from Cogs & Marvel and their clients had been positive. Finally having a contemporary website helped bring them greater credibility as the premier experience agency based out of San Francisco, CA (and Dublin, Ireland.) This in turn drives new business and new revenue. I’d say that this was a success in my book.

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