The Opportunity
VISA was amidst in an internal design transition. However, there was an immediate need of a new Bankcard Outlook design for the coming year. For that, they turned to me to create an updated layout that would become the new template for their financial report.
The Services
Design: Collateral

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat​​​​​​​
The Partnership
I get a lot of requests where I’m filling in for someone because the designer is on vacation or the internal department doesn’t have the bandwidth for the project—but they need it done now. Once I receive the necessary content and objectives, I’m able to do these types of jobs fairly quickly as I have a strong background in print publishing.
My job was to take the old format and revitalize it with a more contemporary and friendly approach to the design and layout—all while maintaining brand standards. The piece was to be printed, and a PDF version would be needed, as well.
The Result
Having numerous years of experience in doing these type of corporate communication pieces allows me to be quick to assess the situation and come up with a viable solution that's easy to read and presents itself well under the brand. VISA was very happy with the end result, and they were able to use the new design and template in the coming year(s).

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