The Opportunity
As an established company for outsource human resources, TriNet was suffering a decline in business from the new, younger competitors that were more agile and hip in their branding and technology. An overhaul—that will include all touch points of design—was necessary to keep up with competition and reestablish their leadership in the field. For that, they turned to me to assist in redesigning their website.
The Services
Art direction
Design: B2B website
Design (not shown): Numerous presentations and executive keynotes

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, XD, PowerPoint​​​​​​​
The Partnership
The new brand vision and a mood board had already been established and given to me to adhere to. Working with the Brand Director and their small internal web team, I helped define and develop the graphics, base page layout system, any dynamic/actionable content, and UI standards. Once the key pages were created, they were handed off to development to build out.
The other phase of this opportunity was designing about 35 or so sales presentations and executive keynotes for Triumph, TriNet’s annual national sales conference. Each deck ranged from like 15-30 slides each—with a couple of 70-something slide decks thrown in for good measure. My window of time was about 2-1/2 weeks. So needless to say, that was pretty intense. But the feedback received was all high and saying that I brought a much needed fresh look and new perspective to their presentation design from past years.
The Result
The design direction and foundation have been set now as they continue to build out sub-pages and new content. This will drive other areas of their design and branding such as product and advertising. A reenergized sales and marketing team backed by a new contemporary website brings stronger morale going forward—as well as a revitalized perception to the public eye.

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