The Opportunity
As a growing software company just getting past its “startup” phase, Leeyo was needing to reflect its growth, show its maturity and acquire new customers. For that, they turned to me to get some help redesigning their brand.
The Services
Creative, brand and content strategy

Art direction
Design: eBook, corporate and product logotype, infographics
Design (not shown): Collateral, corporate presentation, webinar, icon, website
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, PowerPoint, WordPress
The Partnership
One of the methods to acquire new customers was to offer an informative ebook about their flagship product RevPro as it pertains to the new ASC 606 tax laws. I worked directly with their newly hired Director of Marketing to create an interactive ebook product that people could download after they submit their info. 
Within the book, you can click on elements such as the TOC and embedded links that play videos or take you externally to their website for further information—thereby potentially increasing conversion.
This was the marketing director's first project out of that gate. What was great about this experience was that it allowed us to discuss his vision and strategy to take the company to the next level. Conversely, with this ebook project, it allowed me to show stylistic glimpses of my vision and how I see the brand transforming from a design perspective.
The feedback was well received and we did a second release for the subsequent year. After building a good relationship with Leeyo, I eventually got to redesign other things such as collateral (product brochures, white papers, sell sheets), corporate presentation template, icon design for their software user interface, and ultimately their website. 
Funny enough, after the new Leeyo was slowly being unveiled, the CEO decided that the old logo was needing to be redesigned too. The old logotype was very chunky and they were wanting something more minimal and contemporary. Thus, a new logotype was created and a lockup version is shown for RevPro.
The Result
It’s a good feeling and very validating to do what I do when I see and hear about the positive reactions from the CEO on down. Leeyo was doing good things before I got there. But now I’d like to think that a small part of their current success has to do with my efforts.

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